Armadillo Support Mech

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  • 15mm Scale models
  • Stands 22mm tall to the top of the turret ring
  • Cast in high quality Polyurethane resin
  • Model comes in 9 parts
  • Choice of 3 different turrets
  • Model supplied un-built and unpainted

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Since the invention of automated pack-mule robots centuries earlier, new opportunities have arisen to exploit these multi-purpose quadruped military machines. From carrying ammo and other supplies for front line troops, to logistical support back at base, they have become vital in mankind's war effort.

The Armadillo infantry support robot is a recent developed, fulfilling a multitude of tasks for each 18 man Multiple to which it is assigned. Acting much like a mobile operating base, they provide ammunition, medical supplies or even personal effects to their host squads. Armadillos are also covered in a thick layer of shielded armour plating, providing cover for nearby MTU marines during dangerous fire fights. Against longer ranged threats the shield also houses smoke launchers to help obscure the Armadillo and any friendly infantry nearby.

Mounted dorsally is a modular turret which can be weaponised to match the squad's current objective. Its modular nature allows it to quickly be configured, even mid battle, to suit the Fireteam's requirements. The most common version is the rotary-barrelled cannon capable of utilising various types of ammunition to compliment the rest of the platoon. Other configurations have been seen with grenade launchers for indirect fire support and even radar assisted SAM's for anti-air cover.