Hab Block One

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  • 15mm Scale model Scenery
  • Stands 100mm tall to the roof
  • 100mm x 100mm foot print
  • Cast in high quality Polyurethane resin
  • Models come in 1 part
  • Model supplied un-built and unpainted
  • Sculpted by The Lazy Forger

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One of the challenges that faced EEF engineers was how to actually support the colonies once they arrived at their respective planetary destinations. One answer was to create a series of pre-fabricated buildings to quickly provide habitation and infrastructure on the target worlds, with Hab Block One being one of many which now furnish the inside of New Helix’s biodomes. Despite initial well thought-out urban planning, the population explosion has meant they have strewn across the surface where they jostle for every square foot of the habitats’ cramped confines.

Once the surface war began, and sides became fractured, these Hab Blocks would essentially become charnel houses for the deadly street fighting and close quarter battles as all sides attempted to wrestle control, inch by bloody inch. The hard structural composition provided ideal bastions of resistance for those who tried to hold them against the enemy. Later accounts would often describe carefully prepared fields of fire and booby traps to ambush those attempting to capture these war torn urban death traps.

This exceptionally detailed 15mm scale resin building provides an ideal centre piece for a diorama, or could be used to provide battlefield cover in your games. Its hollow interior means that it is lightweight for tabletop use and can easily be painted to create an immersive, unique addition to your terrain collection.