MTU Alpha Fire Team

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  • 15mm Scale models
  • Stands 17mm tall to the top of the helmet
  • Cast in high quality Polyurethane resin
  • Pack comes with 6 marine models
  • Model supplied un-built and unpainted

Please see our guide for working with resin models

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The Fireteams of the MTU are the boots on the ground in the battlefield on New Helix and beyond. Here, they can use their flexibility to fulfil a whole host of tactical roles and respond to the ever evolving situation. They are the trained soldiery of the human armies, and can be decked out in whatever weaponry is needed to complete their mission goals. Each Fireteam consists of a six-man squad, and are themselves organised into platoons or ‘Multiples’ of 3 teams, with the most senior Fireteam leader being the Multiple Lieutenant. The MTU pride themselves on being flexible, intractable soldiers, with each member being trained from an early age to work as a cohesive single entity with the rest of their Multiple.

RIFLEMEN – the basic core individual of each Fireteam is the Riflemen. They carry the venerable yet distinguished FX93 (where 9.3 is the weapon’s calibre in millimetres) which has served humanity over the years as the main workhorse and go-to rifle. It can be easily repaired and is designed to accept various modifications such as silencers, scopes and even different ammo types, giving Fireteam leaders the option of customising their squad’s load outs for the missions ahead.

MARKSMEN – Each Fireteam will operate a single individual with a sniper weapon system or designated marksmen rifle. This allows the team to reach out beyond regular engagement distances and send accurate shots to enemies in cover or neutralise precise targets.

SAW GUNNER – Another member of the Fireteam will be equipped with a squad automatic weapon which serves several purposes depending on the task at hand. The Fireteam leader could use the extra firepower to simply eradicate swathes of enemies, defend against overwhelming odds, or to suppress a target for other Fireteams to flank. Using a round similar to the FX93, the F93LMG is a very versatile weapon as it shares many of the components with the rifle. It can also accept a variety of rounds types, such as M37 expanding ‘tumbler’ rounds, MR2 immolating incendiary rounds, or even the XOC tungsten-tipped/toxin infused armour-piercing shells.