Proteus Frontline Battle Mech Cannon

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  • 15mm Scale models
  • Stands 68mm tall to the top of the antenna
  • Cast in high quality Polyurethane resin
  • Model comes in 11 parts
  • Choice of 2 different heads
  • Model supplied un-built and unpainted
Please see our guide for working with resin models
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A recent creation from MTU research and development, the Proteus has been built to support ground operations of other friendly forces. Its agility allows it to quickly take advantage or the ever evolving situation on the ground, giving it the ability to manoeuvre with infantry in built up areas, where a tank may be slowed. Its human-like frame gives it the flexibility as good as any ground operator, where it could use cover, climb terrain or even vault across chasms, plus its heavier frame allows it to carry various types of weapons, A single pilot, or 'rider' commands the mech, who's own brain interfaces directly with the Proteus's systems, giving the rider full awareness of the world around them. Pilots even recall the experience much akin to be born again into an indestructible iron skin with the ability to leap or climb like no other. The fact that the mech has hands much like a man's allows it to easily manipulate objects or even weapons, again much like a man can. This has created a whole new branch of R&D projects for MTU command; exploring the use of heavy autocannons, multi-barrelled chain guns and more recently, the devastating railgun. These, plus the mech's agility allow it to get to wherever infantry squads can, whilst providing the firepower of a heavier vehicle. Many MTU analysts have suggested the days of the tank are long gone with the invention of the Proteus mech, whilst others have suggested the tank will always have its place on the future battlefields. Only time will tell as the conflicts of New Helix and further afield gather in pace and intensity.


  • 5

    Posted by Paul on 25th Nov 2017

    The Order was easy and appropriate delivery time, the model has an insane quality and all Parts fit perfectly together. even the ammo chain was no problem Best Robot models out there. Looking forward to order more

  • 5
    Great Kit!

    Posted by Quinton on 7th Sep 2017

    Just got it in the mail! Put it together fairly quickly and used it to make a custom converted model, lots of possibilities and potential for those who like to customize. No major flaws with the cast.