Strix Recon Mech

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  • 15mm Scale models
  • Stands 30mm tall to the top of the head
  • Cast in high quality Polyurethane resin
  • Models come in 4 parts
  • Model supplied un-built and unpainted
Please see our guide for working with resin models
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As smart AI becomes more and more integrated into the armies of the MTU, new drone designs are being developed as a response to the battlefields on New Helix. The Strix class recon mech is designed to use a light, nimble frame to navigate environments in a similar way to normal infantry, without the need for food or rest. It possesses an onboard AI capable of making quick decisions in the field and can calculate cost-benefit analysis of different operational outcomes. Each squad of Strix mechs is assigned a true human operator, or 'handler' who is ultimately responsible for their control and upkeep. The handler can give their mechs different behavioural parameters, such as seek and destroy, recon and evade or another from a whole list of types. Each squadron works much like a pack, coordinating its efforts to achieve the current mission, or can be slaved to the handler's own control station in a forward operating base behind friendly lines. From here he can interface directly with the neural brain systems of one of the Strix, controlling it in much the same way drones have been controlled for centuries. The mechs are armed mainly for self defence; each carrying a HMG, which in the hands of even a small mech, looks more like the average assault rifle on a normal soldier.