Talos Exo Suits - Breaching Squad

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  • 15mm Scale models
  • Stands 20mm tall to the top of the head
  • Cast in high quality Polyurethane resin
  • Pack comes with 4 marine models
  • Model supplied un-built and unpainted

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Tactical-Assault Line-Operations Suits - Breaching Squad

When MTU infantry come up against a particularly well entrenched foe, sending in waves of marines to overwhelm the enemy is a cost considered unacceptable by MTU command. Instead, they will call upon the TALOS spec ops teams, who are specially trained in close quarters combat and equipped to assault enemy fortifications. At times in the built-up slums of New Helix, hostiles can easily build themselves well entrenched positions using the plethora of steel from broken down spaceships and concrete - Local Warlords making themselves a king of their own dystopian castle. When these positions need to be removed or their occupants cleared the TALOS Breaching Squads are sent in. The lead TALOS marine is armed with a 40mm short-barrelled breaching gun which goes by the nickname of the "Door Knocker". This weapon is able to blow a reinforced door (and most likely the whole side of a building) open which allows access for the other members to enter and begin their sweep. First to enter typically being the TALOS marine armed with the N11 Automatic Shotgun with the TALOS Captain behind him with duel Heavy Pistols. Finally the last member covering the rear of the entry being armed with the typical K52 belt-fed Carbine. Should the worst case scenario appear before them, the Shotgunner has a remote control demolition drone attached to his back. This can be used to clear a floor, bunker or other position from a relatively safe distance. The unique aspect of the TALOS marines is their powerful and bulky exo suits. These possess various offensive and defensive systems to ensure the team can easily breach-and-clear the objectives they have been assigned. The TALOS suits posses optical multi-spectrum viewing options for the soldier to choose mid battle, quickly allowing him to swap between thermal, night vision and organic-circulatory-system detection viewing, essentially allowing him to ‘see’ through nearby walls to enemies behind cover, wherever they are hiding. The team is fully networked to one another, allowing each individual to ‘mark’ or ‘tag’ targets of note, effortlessly integrating the squad to search and destroy their chosen enemies. The armour itself contains several layers of light-weight hardened polymers which can deflect multiple small arms threa