The Fiddler Mech

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  • 15mm Scale models
  • Stands 55mm tall to the top of the antenna
  • Cast in high quality Polyurethane resin
  • Model comes in 16 parts
  • Weapons are interchangeable with Alternative Loadout Fiddler Mech
  • Model supplied un-built and unpainted

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A recent addition to the forces of the MTU, the First Incident Drop (FID) combat suit, affectionately called the 'Fiddler mech’ by the MTU marines, is a large mechanical exo suit developed to instantly respond to enemy contact. It is specially designed to be launched from low orbit in a foetal position to slam hard into the surface and quickly counter threats to MTU assets. Once on the ground, it unfurls into a bipedal mech standing some 30 feet tall, and armed with multiple weapons systems so as to best respond to whatever target the Fiddler Mech finds itself facing.

The most unusual system it posses is the prototype Self Reliance Suite - essentially two arms designed to act as tools or hands to manipulate nearby objects or repair any damage the mech sustains mid-battle. It also carries the cutting edge in multi-layer polymer armour technology, including the prototype kinetic-barrier shield. A first for the MTU, the shield works by detecting an incoming round using various sensors positioned across the mech’s frame, then plotting a solution arc. Much of the details of the shield are unknown, but essentially works by generating a ‘wedge’ of hardlight to create a temporary angled sloped set of armour to deflect the incoming round. Situated either side of the pilots cockpit are a pair of smoke launchers each containing small grenades which are launched when a incoming threat is detected, obscuring the Fiddler mech and jamming lock-on signals. In addition to these defensive systems, there are two weapons loadouts to deal with different categories of threats:

The primary or standard configuration possesses armaments designed for different target types encountered, essentially a ‘jack of all trades’ weapons system. One arm mounts a 33mm high velocity cannon capable of firing various types of rounds to deal with multiple targets, such as fin-stabilised armour piercing 'silver bullet' rounds to counter armoured vehicles, or smart guided airbursting shells to eliminate dug in infantry and other soft targets. The other arm holds the KAU-6 six barrelled cannon, which can send several hundred rounds a second down range to annihilate infantry units or reduce cover to rubble in an instant. In a forward-facing chest mount is a multi-barrelled LMG providing further suppression of infantry targets, and is able to fire at enemies independent of the main weapon systems. It can also use data from the multi-spectrum sensors to intercept slow moving projectiles such as rockets or missiles, further augmenting the survivability of the mech. Lastly a shoulder weapons mount holds the beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) cluster munitions. These can lock onto targets outside of the visual range of the Fiddler and launch missiles vertically to avoid intervening terrain and hit the weaker top armour of vehicles or neutralize infantry behind cover.