X4 Centurion Urban Combat Vehicle

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  • 15mm Scale models
  • model is 85mm long from the back to the front of the chassis
  • Cast in high quality Polyurethane resin
  • Model comes in 7 parts
  • Model supplied un-built and unpainted
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Another modification of the Centurion MBT is the UCV, or urban combat vehicle; a variant designed to be used in the areas tank crews fear most – urban environments. The close confines of a city offer a multitude of hiding places for ambushing enemies, allowing them the chance to attack the weaker top or even rear of an armoured vehicle. The UCV is a direct response to such threats, with specially designed modifications to mitigate the short ranged fire fights encountered in such built up environments. As urban warfare is less about manoeuvring across open landscapes, the UCV is slower but possess more armour on the rear, sides and top to counter ambushes from mines or anti tank weapons fired from above, further reducing the advantage of entrenched infantry. Lastly, a small intercom has been placed on the outside of the vehicle, allowing friendly infantry to easily communicate with the crew inside and share tactical information.

The main cannon has been swapped out for a shorter range but larger bore 140mm cannon, providing it the extra firepower needed to reduce buildings and ad-hoc fortifications to rubble. A traditional tactic would be to aim specifically at the supporting pillars of a structure, pounding the fortifications until the entire building collapses on its occupants. The UCV has specially designed rounds for this purpose; each contains a deep-penetrator bolt to pierce the support struts, which detonate forward and upwards causing the pillar to implode on themselves. Like the MBT, the UCV posses various viewing optics to better detect enemies hiding in cover.

The remote weapons mounts can be used for different types of medium to heavy calibre weapon. Commonly used for the urban battlefield, airburst grenades can receive targeting data from the optical systems to explode above the target, therefore denying the protection of nearby cover. Feedback from troopers in the field has resulted in the remote weapon station being mounted on a telescopic armature, allowing the crewman inside to literally raise the weapon several metres higher when the need arises and so improves line of sight for the weapon.