XA4 Centurion Mobile Gun System

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  • 15mm Scale models
  • model is 85mm long from the back to the front of the chassis
  • Cast in high quality Polyurethane resin
  • Model comes in 6 parts
  • Model supplied un-built and unpainted
Please see our guide for working with resin models
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Using the chassis of the Centurion tank, the MGS or mobile gun system is used to accompany infantry assaults and provide direct fire support. Unlike a crew operated Centurion, the MGS is fully automated, so doesn’t require the large volume required to house a crew, allowing it to use a much smaller turret. The 40mm cannon positioned on an armature is not really designed to go toe-to-toe with enemy armoured vehicles, but rather adapt to whatever target the squads nearby are encountering. The weapon is fed via several magazines internally attached to various ammo types, giving the operator, whether that be smart AI or remotely controlled, full access to a variety of rounds.

Commonly used to compliment Centurion UCV and infantry in built up areas, the medium sized high velocity 40mm cannon can send multiple rounds down-range in quick succession to defeat anything short of a heavy tank. The fact that it lacks crew also allows it to explore areas too dangerous to send in other units, such as minefields or potential ambush sites, again ideal for the urban close quarter battles environments often encountered on New Helix.