8th Dec 2016

Welcome to the new webstore!

Welcome one and all to the new home of White Dragon Miniatures

Well its a pleasure to be able to welcome to you the new webstore and home of White Dragon Miniatures. Its been a fun journey developing this new flash store over the past week and a bit. Some trials and trivulations have been happening, but overall its been a fun time getting it ready. The new hosting provides many good features, including this blog! (which we will be posting on to keep things fresh).

The webstore has been checked as much as we can, but if you do come across something thats not working right, or looking right, then please contact us


We have now also added free shipping to all orders placed on the webstore over £100. This free postage is worldwide, so can save some money doing this.

Well this first blog post is short and sweet, but we shall ensure that post are placed on here as regularly as we can with new products and areas of the webstore (and more) for you to explore.